Thursday, September 10, 2009

Elmer Fudd

We have one of those drawers that just collects stuff. You know what I mean... we all have one. Okay, maybe two! Anyway, this particular drawer is for the games, cards, fun stuff like that. The other day I asked Meriam to take all of the cards out of that drawer and match them up by sets. If there wasn't an entire deck it just needed to get thrown out.

As she was matching the decks she was particularly interested in the Looney Toon set.

Meriam (holding up a card): "Is this Elmer Fudd?"

Me: "No, that's Yosemite Sam."

Meriam: "Oh okay."

A couple of minutes later....

Meriam: "So did Elmer Fudd invent Elmer's Glue?"

Me: "Um. No."

Meriam (slightly said with attitude): "Well how do you know?"

Me: "Ummmm...because he's a cartoon?"

Meriam: "Oh yeah, that makes sense!"

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