Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So soon?

Yesterday our friends had a new, very adorable, baby girl.

Showing Meriam the pictures...

Meriam: Wait, her eyes are open this soon?? I thought it took like 3 weeks for them to open! 

Me: (sigh) Meriam...she's not a puppy!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stevie Wonder

Meriam has had her first experience with having her eyes dilated. To protect her eyes she was given the nifty shades you see here.

Once we got in the car and were on our way home the sunlight was giving her a headache so she laid back and closed her eyes while I drove. This is how the next few minutes went: 

Meriam: You should call my dad.

Me: Ok.

I pick up the phone to call...

Meriam: Call my dad!

Me: I am.

Meriam: Well you should narrate what you're doing because I can't see.

eye roll 

Me: You can open your eyes you know.

she continues after talking to her dad.... 

Meriam: How do blind people do this? Do they see everything in black? How do they know what black is if they haven't ever seen colors? I feel like I am missing out on everything going on in the world because I can't see!

Me: You can still open your eyes you know.

Meriam: How do blind people entertain themselves if they can't see anything? What do they do for fun??

Silent pause because I really don't know how to answer or what to say...

Meriam (panicked): Hello?? Did you leave me???

Me: I'm driving the car!! Where am I going to go?? (head shake) Meriam, you can OPEN your eyes...