Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tap That

This morning I cooked breakfast, french toast and pancakes. Looking in the fridge I found that we didn't have any syrup. So I pulled out 2 mini bottles of syrup - one from my trip to Minnesota last summer and the other that a friend brought me from her recent trip to Canada.

Meriam: I don't want to use these weird syrups!

Me: They aren't weird. They're the real deal, made from the maple trees in Canada and Minnesota.

Meriam: What?? This syrup is from trees? I am eating.... TREE JUICE??? eeewwww!

Me: That's what syrup is.

Meriam: I thought it was sugar, water, and flavoring.

Me: Yeah that's what it is if it is artificially flavored syrup.

Meriam: So you're telling me that if I grow a maple tree in the backyard I can make my own syrup?

Me: Yeah if you know how to tap it.

Meriam: Well.... how do I tap in to the system??

Me: (head shake)

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