Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Are you aware of Delaware?

Apparently some aren't aware...

Or slept through US History class. *sigh*

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tap That

This morning I cooked breakfast, french toast and pancakes. Looking in the fridge I found that we didn't have any syrup. So I pulled out 2 mini bottles of syrup - one from my trip to Minnesota last summer and the other that a friend brought me from her recent trip to Canada.

Meriam: I don't want to use these weird syrups!

Me: They aren't weird. They're the real deal, made from the maple trees in Canada and Minnesota.

Meriam: What?? This syrup is from trees? I am eating.... TREE JUICE??? eeewwww!

Me: That's what syrup is.

Meriam: I thought it was sugar, water, and flavoring.

Me: Yeah that's what it is if it is artificially flavored syrup.

Meriam: So you're telling me that if I grow a maple tree in the backyard I can make my own syrup?

Me: Yeah if you know how to tap it.

Meriam: Well.... how do I tap in to the system??

Me: (head shake)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Natural or Man-made

I was being sent to Minneapolis for business. In talking with Meriam about my trip the following conversation took place:

Meriam: I don't remember where Minnesota is. Is it north, south, east or what?

I open Google maps to show the United States and point to Minnesota

Me: It's right here.

Meriam draws a line with her finger between Utah and Minnesota

Meriam: Oh look, you will be flying past the state with the big mountain that has the faces on it. Will you see it from the plane?

Me: You mean Mount Rushmore. I don't know if I will see it or not.

Meriam: So were the faces man-made or are they natural?

Me: Natural. Millions of years ago God decided to make a mountain look like four people who he would later let be born in different years and all become United States presidents.

Meriam: Really??

Me: No. I am kidding. Of course they're man-made.